Email Policy

NOTICE! We are located in the State of Maryland.

WARNING! Do not send email with a reply-to address at the domain unless you hold a valid account on that domain! Any such use of our domain is without our permission and may be referred to law enforcement for investigation and prosecution under 18 USC 1343, 18 USC 1961, or any other appropriate statute.

WARNING! Do not send unsolicited commercial email to any address at the domain.

The domain is unwilling to receive unsolicited commercial email ("spam") freely because it costs us time and money. If you send any spam to any address at our domain other than on the terms and conditions of the offer set out below, we will take that to mean that you plan to use what is offered you without paying for it. If you ever try to do this, we reserve our right to take any action available to us without further reference to you. Actions available to us could include taking proceedings against you for negligence or breach of contract; such actions may result in substantial damages being awarded against you by a court. The unauthorized use of our computing facilities may be a crime. Criminal use of our facilities will be reported to appropriate law enforcement agencies.


1. In consideration of the payments which are outlined herein and which you and we mutually agree are good and sufficient, we offer to receive unsolicited commercial email from you on the terms set out below. By "we" we mean the owners and users of the domain. By "you" we mean any person or entity who might send commercial email to an address at our domain. If you send any solicitation by email to any address at our domain without the express prior written consent of the Webwrangler of the domain, this will be taken as your acceptance of this offer.

2. For the purposes of points 3, 4, and 5, you will be taken to have sent any spam email sent by any person or entity apparently associated with you for the purpose of sending email solicitations. By "spam" we mean any commercial email sent by you to us without prior express written permission from the Webwrangler of the domain.

3. You must pay the owner of the domain ten US dollars for each such item of spam email that you send to an address at our domain.

4. If you or any associated entity are on our email blacklist, you must pay the owner of the domain fifty US dollars for each such item of spam email that you send to an address at our domain. Our email blacklist is posted on our web site.

5. If you or any associated entity use a false or misleading reply-to address on any spam email sent to an address at our domain, you must pay the owner of the domain five-hundred US dollars for each such item of spam email. This is the statutory rate per section 14-2901 et. seq. of the Annotated Code of Maryland.

6. Your payment must arrive at our business address within ten business days of your transmission of each spam email. Your spam may be archived on our system until all fees are paid. An additional fee of one US dollar per day per message will be due for messages archived longer than ten days.

7. You must pay using either US currency or a certified check drawn on a US bank payable to "" If you do not know where to send payment, you must state this in the email and give us an easy way to tell you. You agree to pay all of our costs of collection for fees due to us under these terms and conditions.

8. Each email item must be uniquely identified, and each payment must clearly identify the relevant item or items.

9. If you send us spam, you must give your full legal name and full business address in each email message. You must also give a correct reply-to email address and telephone number. If you are an entity such as a corporation or partnership, you must include the actual names and business and residential addresses of the person originating the email and the chief executive of your business.

10. You agree that you have the sole responsibility for the maintenance of your mailing lists and that no user of the domain has any obligation to take any action to cause his address to be removed from your list(s). You are hereby notified that some email addresses at other domains alias to accounts at the domain. You agree to treat any such address which we publish on our web site as if were an address on our domain.

11. You agree that we may vary these terms and conditions or terminate this offer at any time (even after you have accepted it). You agree that the posting of any such changes on the web site is adequate notice of any changes. You agree that all changes shall become effective twenty-four hours after posting on the site. You agree that this is the complete agreement between us and that you may not alter it in any way. You agree that this agreement shall be binding on you and your successors, heirs, and assigns.

12. You agree that this agreement shall be governed under the laws of the State of Maryland and the United States and that any controversy or action arising under this agreement shall be tried in the State or US courts having jurisdiction over Carroll County, Maryland, USA. You agree that if any portion of this agreement is unenforceable, that it shall be struck and the rest of the agreement shall survive. You agree that any waiver by us of a breach of this agreement by you shall not prejudice any future action by us against you for that or any other breach of these terms and conditions.

Posted 200711130001Z
Effective 200711140001Z

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