A Recent Project—Westminster Church of Christ Sanctuary


This system is designed for speech reinforcement and sound playback in association with a multimedia system. The Churches of Christ use a capella congregational singing. The rather long reverberation time required for this type of music makes directivity control of the speech reinforcement system particularly important. Sound must be directed into the few absorbing surfaces (the congregational seating area) in order to achieve good speech intelligiblity.

The seating for the congregation is fan-shaped, requiring greater than 130 degree coverage. The system uses a central loudspeaker array made up of two Klipsch LaScala systems driven by a 200-W power amplifier. A small mixer ties in the pulpit microphone and the line-level multimedia feed from an iMac G5. The LaScalas were painted to match the ceiling.

The system Equivalent Acoustic Distance (the apparent separation between talker and listener) is 2.5 m (a bit more than 8 ft)